Journal History

 In the name of God

The first journal of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad was published entitled "Journal of Educational Sciences and Psychology".

The request for its publication was received on 1997/09/27 from the competent authorities by Dr. Koohestani, the head of the department. At the first session of the journal, which was held on 1998/04/21, Dr. Dayani was elected to the editor of the journal.

In the spring of 1999, the first issue of the journal was officially titled "Journal of Educational Sciences and Psychology" published.

On 2000/03/13, the request for the transfer of the local license to the public and on 2000/09/18 the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) was requested by Dr. Fattahi Vice-Chancellor of research of faculty.

The journal in 2002 to obtain a definitive publication license the publication was stopped for a while. (One year).

 On 2004/04/21 For licensing of the journal by new title "Studies in Education and Psychology" Action was taken and subsequently the license of journal publishing of the "Educational Studies and Psychology journal " under the registration number of 1405/124 on 2004/05/21 Was issued by the press and advertising affairs department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

On 2004/05/11, Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarpanah was elected to the editor of the journal "Educational Studies and Psychology" (due to the retirement of Dr. Diyani on 2004/03/03).

On 2004/06/09, the agreement between the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and the Iranian Association for Education in order to continue the publication of the Journal of Educational Studies and Psychology, signed by Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarpanah, editor of the magazine, Dr. Alireza Zakavati Head of Iranian Education Association and Dr. Rahimizadeh, Research Deputy of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

According to the license No. 272/2910/3 of 2004/06/26, the Commission for the Study of Scientific Publications of the Journal of Educational Studies and Psychology, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, has been recognized as a scientific-research scholar and assigned in the list of authoritative scientific-research journals.

Dr. Bakhtiar Shabani Varki was appointed as a director of the Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies on 2005/01/16. During the years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 a journal issue was published under the title "Special issue for Librarianship and Knowledge” with a scientific degree.

Since the beginning of 2011, according to the policy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the journal of "Educational Studies and Psychology" was divided into three specialized journals. These journals are published in two quarters and according to the licenses No. 105030/11/3/19 and 105031/11/19 and 105032/11/3/19 dated 2011/02/23, the "Commission of Scientific Publications" has Scientific-research credentials. The magazines have been published with the management of Dr. Bakhtiar Shabani Varaki until 2016. In 2016, for each of the above journals, the Ministry of Guidance requested a separate publishing license and, in 2017, permission to publish each magazine received. Issue license number from the Ministry of Guidance for this magazine: 79829- 2017/09/04. Since the date of receipt of the new publication license, Dr. Bahram Ali Ghanbari Hashem Abadi is the director and editor of the magazine.

Focus and Scope

In our beloved Islamic country, researcher psychologists are also trying to take effective steps to reduce human suffering through the results of their research findings, although in this space there are many deficiencies, such as methodological weakness, inattention to applied aspects of research, the expansion of psychology programs And counseling with lack of attention to infrastructure in universities and higher education institutions, as well as the expansion of psychosocial services at the community with poor monitoring, are threats to endanger research and academic spaces. To reduce the aforementioned defects, there are several ways in which one of these ways is to disseminate the results of research in collections under the strict supervision and judgment of the Scholars.

Open Access Policy

This journal is aimed to publish peer-reviewed edited scientific papers and to spread the knowledge freely as much as it is possible for its readers and authors, globally.